Press · Andermatt Swiss Alps Classics

Press release July 2nd, 2019

Urner Wochenblatt July 3, 2019 'Classic on its highest level with many surprises'

Luzerner Zeitung June 30, 2019 'Andermatt reloaded/A festival takes off'

Urner Wochenblatt June 29, 2019 'New Yorker piano-offspring and surprises'

Luzerner Zeitung June 29, 2019 'Musicians provide magical moment in front of the stage'

Urner Wochenblatt June 5, 2019 'Chiril Maximov acts as concert master'

Urner Wochenblatt June 1, 2019 'When composers interpret their own works'

Urner Wochenblatt May 22, 2019 'Classic from Andermatt to Vitznau'

Urner Wochenblatt 04.07.2018 "Festival geht in die nächste Runde"

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