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Park Hotel Vitznau

Hundred-year-old walls surround an interior that could not be more inviting - this is how the Park Hotel Vitznau presents itself after extensive renovations. This was done according to the motto "Preserve the past, shape the future". The splendid historic building incorporates state-of-the-art technology in the elegant, luxurious furnishings, combines nostalgic charm with perfection, and amenities that have sprung from a visionary concept.


The Chedi Andermatt

143 beautiful lightings of pure glass as well as a 35 m long table bar welcome the guests at THE CHEDI with Asiatic warmth and architectonic generosity that is visible in the whole complex of this five-star-deluxe-hotel. You seem to be in Asia as you will be refreshed by the wonderful smell of tea and warm refreshing towels. Forget all the stress of the day and just relax.

This savoir vivre of The Chedi Andermatt is also perfectly visible in the mixture of materials of the region that expresses its tradition and nature. The star architect Jean-Michel Gathy (Denniston International Architects and Planners Ltd. situated in Kuala Lumpur) creates with its repetition of design elements of the interior an atmosphere full of affection, openness and intimateness.


Concert Hall Andermatt

The opened in June 2019, multifunctional Andermatt Concert Hall offers with a size of 466 square meters up to 700 seats and is part of the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt.

The centralized position of the stage transforms the foyer into a crossover space for orchestra access during the performances, creating an intimate feeling in which the audience and musicians are physically close and visually connected. The raised roof allows daylight to penetrate the room and also creats an alternative entrance to the concert hall, making it directly accessible from the neighboring hotels.


Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne

A world of its own - Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort - On Lake Lucerne, in the heart of Central Switzerland, a dazzling, unparalleled world awaits you: with private Residence Suites, four luxury hotels, nine restaurants and bars, shopping, two spa areas, one wellness centre and more than 30 business event rooms, with a capacity for conferences for more than 600 guests.

Bit by bit, the founders built the sites, parts of which are still standing today. For example, some of the residencies can be found at the former Grand Hotel. You can also stay at the Palace Hotel: with the latest comforts, that is.


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